Your timing. Your data. Your results.

Our solution

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The timing software for your needs

Whether you are a timekeeper with complex events or an organizer that wants to time his own event - is your solution for managing and timing your event. We worked together with timekeepers with over 30 years of experience in every kind of sport events to build a software for you that fits every need ima.

It is scalable, secure, fault-tolerant, mesmerizing fast and highly flexible.

Our philosophy

Data is King

Data is the resource of the 21st century. By doing timekeeping, you are in charge of collecting lots of information about the participants on your events. Not making sure you never lose any of this data is just being careless.

We therefore see collected timing data as invariable facts that you can not change. Those facts are stored in a way that you can not overwrite them, which would in effect lose information. You can only ever change the projection that you create of those facts. This projection are your results.

And the data is yours.

The data you collect is yours and no one should have the power to make that data unusable or restrict your access to it. Therefore there will be no fees for the usage of the software and the code is open source, so that you are free to do whatever you want to get your job done.


Building upon known concepts, reducing complex abstractions. Data flow and processing happens with an intuitive user interface.


Collected data (facts) can never be deleted. All setups can be changed at any time and will immediately reprocess the facts efficiently to create new results.


All functionality, such as participant management, result setup or ranking, is bundled into separate components. It is easy to extend functionality for specific use cases.


Open Source, because we believe that the data you collect belongs to you. And we want to provide you with the best tool to collect that data as easily and reliable as possible.